Owl Eyes

If I was ever going to be a singer, "Owl Eyes" would be my name for sure. Its so legit!
Anyways, I'm contemplating wearing this to a Padres game on Friday evening. But it may be a tad chilly for that.No, I won't really wear my pink construction hat. I had just found that right before the picture and I thought "Hey, why not?".

I look like I'm about 5. Awesome. Isn't this a cool graphic? I'm pretty sure it's supposed to be a spider web. I got it at UO on sale (yay!), the skirt is from F21, and my shoes are just regular old amazing Vans.
Random photos:My sister made dessert tonight. Its some wierd jello and peaches. It looks kinda strange, but it was really delicious!

I drew this peacock a while ago. Its really really light though. I just think peacocks are so pretty. I LOVE the colors of their feathers.

This is my dog, Auggie. Auggie Doggie. I love him, but hes getting old... I think hes about 7? 8? Gah I forget!
I'm going to go to sleep soon. (hopefully!)

I Woke Up In A Car

I have been listening to Something Corporate alot recently. (LOVE THEM!)
Anyhoo, I went up to Laguna a day or two ago. I bought SOOOO many clothes. But instead of doing a giant "NEW OUTFITS" post, I'm just gonna post them when I wear them.
Just a snapshot of the harbor. It was really pretty up there, I was happy.
Sorry for the snarl in the picture. I didn't mean to! Anyways, those are just cheap F21 jeans and my new shirt from Urban Outfitters. I like it alot!

OH! I saw this amazing documentary called "The Crips and Bloods: Made in America". It was so fascinating. They talked with actual gang members, they went through the history of how these gangs came to be.
Its so interesting, I highly suggest everyone watches it. It really opened my eyes to how actions that I do to other people can affect them for the rest of their life.

Just watch it.
I hope everyone has a great day today! I'm probably just going to stay home and clean and then HOPEFULLY go hang out with one of my friends by her community pool...with hotties!


The Getty

I'm baaaaack! I went up to the Getty and Laguna for a couple days. I'm going to be honest, I didn't like the getty all that much (and I love art!). But there were some very interesting pieces in there.

These are just random pictures taken in different locations at the museum. The picture that shows LA peeking through the columns makes me wonder why people think Los Angeles is so amazing. To me, all I see is smog, crowds, and noise.

This is what I wore that day. Just my UO jeans, a thrifted Topshop shirt, some random sandals found in a store in North Carolina, and a thrifted bag. It's kinda boring, but oh well

I had fun though, even though it was verrrry hot!

I'll post about Laguna in a second!



Hold On To Me

Hey there! I just had to share this movie I saw last night called Since Otar Left... . It was really good. I highly suggest renting it. (It's in Russian and French, though. Just to tell you.)Its really good. WATCH IT!
Today I am going up to Los Angeles with my cousin, hoping to get some thrifting in! (We are going to some aquarium, I'm happy because I haven't been to an aquarium in YEARS.)
I just love this picture, so here it is! If only I had gotten the sunset.
Lately my outfits have been SO boring. In the morning, I sit there just staring at my clothes. My mind has run dry (like it does ALOT of the time). Hopefully if we go thrift shopping, I will pick up some snazzy items!
Lotsa Love

PS I do NOT take credit for Since Otar Left movie poster


An Amazingly Realistic Video

I saw it. I finally saw 500 Days Of Summer. It was great; I thought the acting was good, the storyline was good and best of all: It wasn't on of those movies that bullshits you into thinking that just because you really like someone, you will end up with them.
It kept it real. At first I was sad that they weren't going to end up together, but I was happy when they didn't.
....Here is a picture of a papyrus plant....I'm still not sure why i decided to take it, but I thought it made an intersting shadow so I thought "Why not?"
I shall post outfits later (hopefully)
Have A Good Day!
P.S. That 500 Days of Summer poster is NOT of my design and I do NOT take credit for it.



So I went to the beach (as promised) but I didnt take pictures.... I know, I'm terrible. So I decided to quick take a few snaps of my outfit at home today.This is just a simple dress from F21, a thrifted purse (which i ADORE!) and my grandmother's sunglasses.Just another nearly-the-same pose.
Today was a surprisingly great day. This family came over and even though all of the kids were younger than me, I had a great time!
I took a nap, read a book, wrote some poetry...sucessful summer day, I would say!

I just found out I am going up to the Getty on Sunday and spending the night in Laguna so I'm excited! I also am going up to LA (hopefully!) with my cousin on Saturday to do some thrifting and museum hopping.
Great summer, for sure!
Lotsa Love, Chickadees!

These Giant Seahorses

So I went up to Julian (this small quaint little town) recently and bought some deliscious apple pie and a few other things. It was very fun...and very hot!
I bought this necklace; isn't it cute? recently i have been in LOVE seahorses. I think they are adorable!

I bought this hat (even though i already have one very similar). I couldn't resist. This is why I have no money!

I also went to the lake with my family and had an amazing time. This gross-looking moss was covering all of the "trees" so I decided to take a picture.I painted this a while ago; just a reminder of something that is so incredibly important to me. Without my friends, I would probably be nothing.

I'm heading out to the beach tomorrow so I will hopefully have an outfit posted!

Love Lots,


Yeah, Like Tigers and Walnuts

Today was the worst day I have had all summer...I'm not kidding, I did absolutely nothing...NOTHING!!
Well, I did go to Barnes and Noble by myself and just checked out music. I love the band Something Corporate right now
Zis is vat I wore:
Boring, I know. But it fit my mood. My shirt is from pacsun and the skirt is from Target .
Ignore the awkward hand position...I have no idea, I think I was moving back my crazy medusa hair.

My mask from homecoming last year finally came in handy!...well not really but oh well.
This used to be my absolute favorite movie when I was about 7 years old (I was a strange child!)
Clark Gable is absolutely dreamy!
Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day...even though nothing is planned for this entire weekend. Ah this is depressing!
Goodnight, chickadees...even though no one is reading this!


Dream Weaver

My titles never make sense!
I'm so tired today so I guess it was a good thing I stayed home and did NOTHING!
Outfit that i WOULD wear if I had a place to go!:

Hat: f21. Dress: Marshalls. Belt: Mothers.

Blazer: Flashbacks aka a thrift store. Tshirt dress: F21 (3 dollars! helllll yeah!)

5 of hearts

Gray tee: target, Bra: Target (I need to wear a shirt under this!) Jeans: UO (they are sooo comfty!), Belt: Mom's

Just Me.
Peace Out Girlies

Be Sure to Wear Some Flowers In Your Hair

So I was supposed to go to San Fransisco with my cousin BUT that got cancelled. I was so excited to wear some "cold weather clothes" because its burning up in SD!
Here is an outfit I had planned on wearing:
The straw fedora is from F21, the scarf is thrifted, the sweater I got at UO on sale, and the jeans are from f21, also on sale...i think

Oh God, the terrible faces never seem to end!

I'm so sad we cant go anymore because I was looking forward to some good shopping. But not everything I want happens (big shocker!) so maybe next time!

Oh, PS. I LOVE OWLS! They are so cool!

I wish I had drawn this, but I didnt; I cant take credit for it.

My Jean Jumper

Today I went to the wonderful beach of Leucadia. Its my absolute favorite beach. Gorgeous!
Anyways me and my friend Kelsey walked around the shops and i bought this and a blazer there.
Its from Hurley. But I got in on sale for only 25 bucks! Yay!
The yellow roses were so pretty, I just had to take a picture by them

This is Kels and me, having fun goofing off by the beach. This couple behind us was like having sex practically so we started laughing and the people got all angry at us. It was truly a great day!


You there, In Dazzling Emerald

Today was a good day. I bought a few things.
Shopping is killing me...mainly because I dont have a job.
Im so tired of no money coming in; its frustrating beyond belief
My new highwaisted black skirt, thrifted emerald green shirt and a gold belt that i got at a random antique shop
Ignore the medusa hair and the pissed off expressions...my sister had to take the pictures and apparently pressing a button is very hard for her.

I also got some newwww shoes that i L-O-V-E:
I think the lighting in the store was messed up, though, because they had a pink hue to them...and now they just look nude.
Anyways I still love them!

Glassy Beaches

Today I went to the beach with my friend. (Hopefully I will be down there tomorrow too!) I absolutely love it-the drive, the people, the atmosphere- it's so appealing to me
This is what I wore:
I bleached that grey shirt from F21 last night, I got the mustard hoodie from Target surprisingly (am I the only one noticing that Target is upping its standards? LOVE IT!) and those jeans are new from Urban Outfitters (they are incredibly comfty!). The glasses are thrifted and the shoes are jacked from my mom

Just drawing a heart...and thinking about a silly boy

Heres a picture of the beach. I love it! Who wouldn't?

Me again! I love that yellow color; I notice that i gravitate to it alot...for God's sake, my car is yellow!
Mwah! I will post pictures of my latest purchases when I have the time!