Yeah, Like Tigers and Walnuts

Today was the worst day I have had all summer...I'm not kidding, I did absolutely nothing...NOTHING!!
Well, I did go to Barnes and Noble by myself and just checked out music. I love the band Something Corporate right now
Zis is vat I wore:
Boring, I know. But it fit my mood. My shirt is from pacsun and the skirt is from Target .
Ignore the awkward hand position...I have no idea, I think I was moving back my crazy medusa hair.

My mask from homecoming last year finally came in handy!...well not really but oh well.
This used to be my absolute favorite movie when I was about 7 years old (I was a strange child!)
Clark Gable is absolutely dreamy!
Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day...even though nothing is planned for this entire weekend. Ah this is depressing!
Goodnight, chickadees...even though no one is reading this!


  1. loving your blog!

    want to exchange links?


  2. Love the outfit! I still can't find a decent high waisted skirt; I want to cry. Something Corporate is dang good, I like them bunches more than Jack's Mannequin even though it's basically the same band members :)
    Have a good day!

  3. i found your blog and when it came up i fell in love. I really adore this blog. And your clothes are really cute.
    xoxo taylor