Owl Eyes

If I was ever going to be a singer, "Owl Eyes" would be my name for sure. Its so legit!
Anyways, I'm contemplating wearing this to a Padres game on Friday evening. But it may be a tad chilly for that.No, I won't really wear my pink construction hat. I had just found that right before the picture and I thought "Hey, why not?".

I look like I'm about 5. Awesome. Isn't this a cool graphic? I'm pretty sure it's supposed to be a spider web. I got it at UO on sale (yay!), the skirt is from F21, and my shoes are just regular old amazing Vans.
Random photos:My sister made dessert tonight. Its some wierd jello and peaches. It looks kinda strange, but it was really delicious!

I drew this peacock a while ago. Its really really light though. I just think peacocks are so pretty. I LOVE the colors of their feathers.

This is my dog, Auggie. Auggie Doggie. I love him, but hes getting old... I think hes about 7? 8? Gah I forget!
I'm going to go to sleep soon. (hopefully!)


  1. love the outfit. I think you should wear heels though, but since it's a baseball game vans are perfect! And you drawing is really pretty. Can you draw people? i would to hear back.
    xoxo taylor

  2. its going to be too cold, i found out, so i changed my mind.
    thanks, i just started drawing this year. i cant draw people well yet. i mean, i can draw ppl, just they dont look lifelike...

  3. i love your outfit, and you're so pretty!