These Giant Seahorses

So I went up to Julian (this small quaint little town) recently and bought some deliscious apple pie and a few other things. It was very fun...and very hot!
I bought this necklace; isn't it cute? recently i have been in LOVE seahorses. I think they are adorable!

I bought this hat (even though i already have one very similar). I couldn't resist. This is why I have no money!

I also went to the lake with my family and had an amazing time. This gross-looking moss was covering all of the "trees" so I decided to take a picture.I painted this a while ago; just a reminder of something that is so incredibly important to me. Without my friends, I would probably be nothing.

I'm heading out to the beach tomorrow so I will hopefully have an outfit posted!

Love Lots,


  1. That seahorseyy is pretty exquisite ma'am! What a lucky find, the hat is pritty nice & classic itself.

  2. Cute finds, Torrie! I love the necklace, and the hat reminds me of Jason Mraz :) I love him. I feel the same way about my friends; they're so incredibly important and have made me who I am today.