So I went to the beach (as promised) but I didnt take pictures.... I know, I'm terrible. So I decided to quick take a few snaps of my outfit at home today.This is just a simple dress from F21, a thrifted purse (which i ADORE!) and my grandmother's sunglasses.Just another nearly-the-same pose.
Today was a surprisingly great day. This family came over and even though all of the kids were younger than me, I had a great time!
I took a nap, read a book, wrote some poetry...sucessful summer day, I would say!

I just found out I am going up to the Getty on Sunday and spending the night in Laguna so I'm excited! I also am going up to LA (hopefully!) with my cousin on Saturday to do some thrifting and museum hopping.
Great summer, for sure!
Lotsa Love, Chickadees!


  1. i went to the beach yesterday too! and...yeah i didn't take pictures either. it was just an average beach day. i love the sundress!

  2. dress is really cute. You live in California?
    xoxo taylor

  3. yeah i live in lovely san diego... lovvvvve it!

  4. Gah, I just want your hair! And that dress. ;]