Hold On To Me

Hey there! I just had to share this movie I saw last night called Since Otar Left... . It was really good. I highly suggest renting it. (It's in Russian and French, though. Just to tell you.)Its really good. WATCH IT!
Today I am going up to Los Angeles with my cousin, hoping to get some thrifting in! (We are going to some aquarium, I'm happy because I haven't been to an aquarium in YEARS.)
I just love this picture, so here it is! If only I had gotten the sunset.
Lately my outfits have been SO boring. In the morning, I sit there just staring at my clothes. My mind has run dry (like it does ALOT of the time). Hopefully if we go thrift shopping, I will pick up some snazzy items!
Lotsa Love

PS I do NOT take credit for Since Otar Left movie poster

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  1. I agree about the mind going dry thing. Lately, I have hated my wardrobe.

    Oh, and I will definitely have to rent this movie.