Fair Enough

I went to the fair the other day and my friend bought a little goldfish (which my mom named Tupac; we named it BAMF...both stuck)
Heres our little aquatic bad ass:
Heres another random picture (not from the fair):
Ive been playing guitar a lot more recently and i absolutely have fallen in love with it. Its something that i actually taught myself, without a paid "teacher"

I think thats all I have to talk about today. I feel out of words, recently. Not something I enjoy very much
Much Love,

With a Dash of Rose Please

Ah I havent posted an outfit in a while so...
This is what I'm wearing right now. Even though i literally have nothing to do!

I would normally apologize for the awkward picture...but I've decided that I tend to be an awkward person so why apologize for what I am?
Just a close up for P.E. (personal enrichment)

Ive been lazy lately, not wanting to wear anything but boardshorts and a bathing suit top or a lazy tee shirt.

I didnt get far away from the "lazy shirt" idea with this outfit but oh well.

Shirt is from GoodWill, Belt is stolen from mother (she has yet to find out), and the jeans are from buffalo exchange (i think they are originally from UO)

I dont know what else to write, Im feeling very "blah" lately



Dreams do come true! (how cheesy?) but seriously. I started summer out with going to disneyland with my friends. It was so fun even though it was packed.
It was definitely one of the more relaxing trips I've ever taken to Disneyland, thats for sure.This was taken in some 3D theater. Ignore the wierdness of us all!

Us on the carousel. I hadn't been on one in ages! They arent as fun as I remembered...but we made a good time of it

Us on the teacups...well in a stationary one, that is.

None of us felt like being very fashionable that day...as you can tell.
Enough of Disneyland, these are making me want to go back!

Mi Cuarto

I'm pretty sure that means "my room" in Spanish (one would think that after 3 years of Spanish, I would know...)
Here are some pictures of my room taken at a time when it was actually clean!

Actually these are just pictures of my closet, I lied. Sorry. My room probably was not clean when these were taken.
My shoes...ignore the hooker heels please!

My dresses and some jackets

My jean collection (I dont think that is all of them though)

Isn't it wierd how so many people (myself included) think that they never have anything to wear...and yet here are a couple hundred articles of clothing...ready to wear.
Thats all for now!


Evil? Why, yes.

So today was an uneventful day...exams (even though I luckily didn't have a real one). I went shopping, bought some new stuff...YAY!
Im so tired but i liked my outfit today...except for the shoes but oh well
Shirt is from F21, Scarf from a place in Paris, and jeans are thrifted. Shoes are from a boutique in Boston....

Yeah...another awkward photo....of me in midair.

This morning i also had some DELICIOUS blueberries:
I am so tired of school, i want it to be over right now!!! GIVE ME SUMMER!!!
Oh I'm still attempting to paint and here is my latest oil painting: (Right now im focusing on the transitioning of colors)
And I'm also working with watercolor (its a bit boring but I don't know what else to add!):
Im off to studying (actually probably not; Im a horrid procrastinator!). I will probably just go read my new issue of Nylon Magazine (which i LOVE!)
OH! i also read about this new designer via N.E.E.T. Magazine (which is an amazing magazine, read it!).
Her name is Sonia Tay and she runs a company called Snoozer Loser. They have some amazing dreamy tank tops that are to die for! (at least in my opinion)
Check it out!
P.S. Me and my friend Kat have a new little thing going on. Im going to be more positive and she is going to stop being such a pushover. Hopefuly it will work!