You there, In Dazzling Emerald

Today was a good day. I bought a few things.
Shopping is killing me...mainly because I dont have a job.
Im so tired of no money coming in; its frustrating beyond belief
My new highwaisted black skirt, thrifted emerald green shirt and a gold belt that i got at a random antique shop
Ignore the medusa hair and the pissed off expressions...my sister had to take the pictures and apparently pressing a button is very hard for her.

I also got some newwww shoes that i L-O-V-E:
I think the lighting in the store was messed up, though, because they had a pink hue to them...and now they just look nude.
Anyways I still love them!


  1. I love the outfit! I've been looking for a black high waisted skirt. Where did you get yours?

  2. Thanks!
    i got my skirt at target actually! i was really surprised. It was on sale, but im sure you could look on line