Arctic Beams

Good day!
Its absolutely freezing here (for being a Southern California girl that is.) I want to curl up in a big warm blanket.
I watching Balto. Why? you may ask. Simply put, I have no life.
Golf Tournament thing tomorrow. Yippee....not... I hate golf. It's SOOOO boring but my parents insist i play it.
I didn't really wear anything original today so no new pix.
But here's a picture of the northern lights. Aren't they beautiful??

Aurora Borealis...I guess that's the technical term for it at least.

I want to see that one day.

I want school to be done. I'm glad alot of the seniors are leaving (hehe arent i evil??)



Mermaid Hair with the Blue Fin

I wore this dress. Its supppper comfty and i like the color. It reminds me of a mermaid color or something.

I apologize for the pouting...very sorry indeed.

Close up of zee face....sorry

I think the theme is blue in this post because here is my new oil painting...and its blueish:

Oh Buffalo Rock

So it was a boring day, I did next to nothing. I didnt like my outfit but here it is anyway:
oh why am i sooooooooo not photographal...thats not a word but ohhh welll...

chilling in the grass

and FOR YOUR ENJOYMENT: me and my friend randomly started singin ght ENTIRE mulan "man out of you" song today. Awesome...to the maxxxxx

Im gonna have to go. Zai Jain ( i guess thats how you say goodbye in Chinese)


Oh The Horror

I just painted my first oil painting and here are some things i have learned about it:
1) oil does not come off in water
2) my brushes are worthless
3) it is much harder than i thought
4) there is no erasing that can be done
5) its a very thick paint

But without further adieu (i sincerly doubt i spelled that correctly):
THE PAINTING (crrrringe)
Oh good lord. Thank God this is my very first one. Im still ashamed of it though.
I hope/pray I will get better because this frankly will not do.
Please don't laugh.
See ya!

We Are Us Only

hello :)
SOOOO the padres game was super fun. Here's a picture of the field:
I had tons of fun with my cousins later that night. Ate delicious food, watched Anchorman (MY FAVEEEEEEEEEEE!!!) and..had fun. YAY!

I wore this in the morning (before the game)

And then i just wore some ruca (RVCA) jeans and this top that you probably can't see due to my long hair:

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ignore my super awkward faces....i'm literally the most unphotogenic person in the world



Go Friars!

So tonight I am going to a Padres game with my cousin. It's going to be so fun, I always have a great time when i am around her

Im having problems deciding what to wear though. And I don't know what the weather will be. I hope it gets chilly.

This is Petco Park (the Padres Stadium). I personally think it is the most rediculous name for a major league baseball stadium.

I'll be taking my own pictures tonight hopefully.



Mon Cherie

I miss being in Paris. Even though it was a year ago, it was still amazing. Here are some pics from the trip
Of course this wasn't really purple. just a touch up on photoshop.

I miss it!

The Louvre right before a huge rainstorm. It was so amazing...because i got stuck in the "Egyptian" section with my friends, i became more intrigued with the
architecture than the art itself.
The Hall Of Mirrors in the palace of Versailles (I'm proud of myself, I didnt have to look up how to spell that!)
Ah i would give anything to go back.
I hardly had anytime to look at anything!
but at least i got to go, right?
My computer is being stupid so im going to go.
Au revoir!

Voice of the Shell

I wore this a while ago, thought it would share
Yes, i am ontop of a car. I have become more and more aware of how un-photogenic i am!

Just in my front yard on this old knife sharpener my great great great Uncle Willabald owned. Close-up of the hat. Unfortunately, I nearly crushed it the other day.


Shake Your PROM PROM

ah so prom was a while ago but i had sooo much fun! I went with one of my friends and it was really cool. It was at the wild animal park.
My dress was fine, (my hair sucked! i hate it now that i look back!) i wore hooker heels, and one of the corsage roses fell out but it was still great!
Me and one of my besties, Kelsey! we had soo much fun

I pretended to put the boutineer (sp?) on my date, but in reality, my friend's mom did it

All us girls

Me and the date in this cardboad cut-out thing

ah ok im tired of posting pics
It was so fun, amazing night, great laughs, and tired legs after dancing the night away .
See ya!

I am a pirate, you are a princess

I erased all my old posts. They were lame, i decided.

Annnyhoo... life has been crazy, terrible, fun, amazing, dreamy, fantastic. I'm nearly failing school, so it looks like community college might be right around the corner.

here are some random pictures:

im just wierd...hiding in the grass and all.

taken from the fountain in my pool. I liked the bubbles and the color so why not post it?

going up to Utah, i felt inspired so i took it.

oh, this is a really boring post, sorry. But its going to have to do.