Oh The Horror

I just painted my first oil painting and here are some things i have learned about it:
1) oil does not come off in water
2) my brushes are worthless
3) it is much harder than i thought
4) there is no erasing that can be done
5) its a very thick paint

But without further adieu (i sincerly doubt i spelled that correctly):
THE PAINTING (crrrringe)
Oh good lord. Thank God this is my very first one. Im still ashamed of it though.
I hope/pray I will get better because this frankly will not do.
Please don't laugh.
See ya!

1 comment:

  1. omg panda bear! its looks great!!!!! i love it! yet again it seems ur negative pants r on just a lil too tite...wow ok i didnt say that lol. im so weird. neways i love it dont fret love :)