We Are Us Only

hello :)
SOOOO the padres game was super fun. Here's a picture of the field:
I had tons of fun with my cousins later that night. Ate delicious food, watched Anchorman (MY FAVEEEEEEEEEEE!!!) and..had fun. YAY!

I wore this in the morning (before the game)

And then i just wore some ruca (RVCA) jeans and this top that you probably can't see due to my long hair:

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ignore my super awkward faces....i'm literally the most unphotogenic person in the world


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  1. hahaha i love having fun and watching anchorman my friend. hahahaha omg u r prob the most unphotogenic person...unless ur trying to be funny. proof of point: disneyland pics...put those up!!!!