Arctic Beams

Good day!
Its absolutely freezing here (for being a Southern California girl that is.) I want to curl up in a big warm blanket.
I watching Balto. Why? you may ask. Simply put, I have no life.
Golf Tournament thing tomorrow. Yippee....not... I hate golf. It's SOOOO boring but my parents insist i play it.
I didn't really wear anything original today so no new pix.
But here's a picture of the northern lights. Aren't they beautiful??

Aurora Borealis...I guess that's the technical term for it at least.

I want to see that one day.

I want school to be done. I'm glad alot of the seniors are leaving (hehe arent i evil??)


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  1. hahaha i cant wait till those fuckers leave and then we rule the school mutha fucka!