We Speak In Different Voices

Does anyone listen to Saosin? I love that band so much! Check em out for sure!
Ugh here is a terrrrrribly bad picture of me looking about the age of 13 (awesome..not) in an outfit I might wear, should I feel the need to be drab in winter.
Its alright, it serves its purpose of covering me up and keeping me above the droll trends circulating at my school.
I apologize for the bad photo quality; I didn't realize it was so horrendous! Sorrrry!
The rest of these pictures are just random, I think. I got a new bag while in Hawaii. Its extremely busy and makes for a fantastic beach bag!I just drew this randomly in my free time. I've decided that even though I'm not good at drawing, I still enjoy drawing so I need to practice wayyyy more. And so the practicing commenced with the birdcage.Random Lake Powell Picture. Its so amazing out there, I feel so at peace. I want to go there right now, life got hectic all of the suddenI drew this for my boyfriend...well ex-bf now? i guess? I don't know. Complex situations just fill my life right now. But its not bringing me down at all so I'm very happy. It's so strange; usually things like this totally bum me out. But I feel fine and...alive for lack of a better word.
One more picture: Just me with some of my best buds, hanging out, being our goofy selves. They make me sooo incredibly happy and fill me up in just the right way that no boy or perfect pair of jeans or awesome guitar or value of money can ever fill up. I love em soooo much. Senior year is going to rock!
Ok enough from me, I've written wayyy too much. I really don't expect anyone to read this anyways.
Love everyone!


  1. you have the super long alexander wang braid i have been dying to have! it is reason enough to tell you how much i love your blog (and your hair).

  2. Cute outfit! I love the hat :)
    Ah, Saosin is freaking great. I've been a huge fan for years now. I met them at Warped and they were incredibly nice.