Evil? Why, yes.

So today was an uneventful day...exams (even though I luckily didn't have a real one). I went shopping, bought some new stuff...YAY!
Im so tired but i liked my outfit today...except for the shoes but oh well
Shirt is from F21, Scarf from a place in Paris, and jeans are thrifted. Shoes are from a boutique in Boston....

Yeah...another awkward photo....of me in midair.

This morning i also had some DELICIOUS blueberries:
I am so tired of school, i want it to be over right now!!! GIVE ME SUMMER!!!
Oh I'm still attempting to paint and here is my latest oil painting: (Right now im focusing on the transitioning of colors)
And I'm also working with watercolor (its a bit boring but I don't know what else to add!):
Im off to studying (actually probably not; Im a horrid procrastinator!). I will probably just go read my new issue of Nylon Magazine (which i LOVE!)
OH! i also read about this new designer via N.E.E.T. Magazine (which is an amazing magazine, read it!).
Her name is Sonia Tay and she runs a company called Snoozer Loser. They have some amazing dreamy tank tops that are to die for! (at least in my opinion)
Check it out!
P.S. Me and my friend Kat have a new little thing going on. Im going to be more positive and she is going to stop being such a pushover. Hopefuly it will work!


  1. ok you looked amazing today have to admit i was jealous since i was the amazing tye dye clown! lol ok also AMAZING PIC!!!!! hilarious! i love it so you and its so out there i love it lol oh nylon simply bput: bamf. yes that is my new thing lol if you havent noticedand yet again your paintings are amazing. I cant believe you have so much artistic ability inside you. its mind boggling! lol hahaha lets see if this lil thing we have will even last

  2. love the outfit and pictures; you're talented!
    and thanks for following my blog :)