With a Dash of Rose Please

Ah I havent posted an outfit in a while so...
This is what I'm wearing right now. Even though i literally have nothing to do!

I would normally apologize for the awkward picture...but I've decided that I tend to be an awkward person so why apologize for what I am?
Just a close up for P.E. (personal enrichment)

Ive been lazy lately, not wanting to wear anything but boardshorts and a bathing suit top or a lazy tee shirt.

I didnt get far away from the "lazy shirt" idea with this outfit but oh well.

Shirt is from GoodWill, Belt is stolen from mother (she has yet to find out), and the jeans are from buffalo exchange (i think they are originally from UO)

I dont know what else to write, Im feeling very "blah" lately


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  1. I LOVEEEEEEE that top. L O V E it :}

    welll, i have started a blog store called medusa's bands...when you get a chance, check it out!